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PROFORGE® Strategically Strong

It all started with our vision to provide the best moledrainer in the world…this is why we’re strong!

PROFORGE is a leading brand of AGRI-LINC providing a high quality manufactured range of machinery, attachments and wearing parts for agricultural solutions.

Blending our traditional farming know-how…

As a family we’ve been working the land in Edenham, Lincolnshire since 1924, so with our hands on experience and farming know-how, the PROFORGE RANGE is built on a solid and strong foundation to bring you a trusted range.

…with modern technology and manufacturing facilities…

With constant collaboration and development with the production teams and investment in modern technology we are constantly investing in innovative methods making PROFORGE a globally recognised brand that clearly is Strategically Strong and trusted.

…to deliver innovative products that fulfil your current needs.

In a fast changing world, whether it be new production methods or global influences and challenges, we constantly strive to fulfil your requirements with having the right products and machinery available for when you need them.

We’re strong – Strategically strong

Telephone: +44 (0)1778 591 225

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