The Frontilla is an ideal tillage front press with the benefit of a versatile frame with optional tooling combinations to support a wide range of tillage. Primary and secondary stubble work, clod breaking or seedbed tilling are achievable depending on the type of tooling combination.


  • Choice of 2 packers – 600mm Steel Discbond, 470mm Twin disc roller
  • Versatile frame design to carry tooling combinations
  • Choice of front end accessories
    • Heavy duty hydraulic levelling paddles – 80x10mm spring with 150mm paddle
    • 2 rows of 32x12mm SU tines, reinforced with helpers as standard
  • Steering headstock
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Adds weight to the front end of the tractor for better traction
  • Either Hyd. Levelling Paddles or Optional front Springtines (2 rows)