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MonoMole Trailed Moledrainer

Monomole – Trailed
Monomole DrainerMonomole DrainerMonomole DrainerMonomole DrainerMN100005_11


The MonoMole single leg trailed version is an excellent universal machine, making it a perfect choice for farmers and contractors. Manufactured in the UK to a high standard and designed to withstand the rigours of heavy arable land and grasslands. As a trailed version this allows the machine to follow the contours of uneven land and added stability with the benefit of transport support wheels. Many features have been carried forward into this latest design, such as the well proven notched disc to provide minimal top surface damage, multifeature leg bracket assembly and the new universal body with replaceable wear skid.


  • Beam type.
  • Large Diameter notched disc.
  • 4″ Steel expander. (Ceramic type also available)
  • MonoSkid Under-beam replaceable Wear Plate.
  • Hi-Rise Leg Flange with pitch adjustable leg.
  • Adjustable height drawbar eye
  • Manufactured in the UK