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MonoMole Mounted Moledrainer

Monomole DrainerMonomole DrainerMonomole DrainerMonomole DrainerMonomole DrainerMonomole Drainer


The Proforge Monomole single leg mounted version is a compact and versatile machine, making it an ideal choice for farmers needing to provide drainage in a cost effective way. Manufactured in the UK to a high standard and designed to withstand the rigours of heavy arable land and grasslands the Monomole has also become a leading machine for zero-till or min-till farming.


  • Large 26” (660mm) Diameter Notched Disc A unique and amazing part of the moledrainer. Seriously reduces surface heave, and minimises top surface damage. Also benefits from adjustable depth control.
  • Reversible Exposed leg Completely exposed leg for the best trash clearance. Allows the trash to flow round the leg/under the beam reducing undue lift and tilt to the main beam. Ideal for maximum depth start when dropped into dyke banks.
  • Pitch adjuster This assists penetration in some conditions and allows for compensation to be made to ensure even wear on the bullet and expander.
  • Depth adjustable 60” (1520mm) leg Adjustment in 1” (25mm) increments allows for precise depth control. Reversible for longevity.
  • Under-beam replaceable wear skid
  • Floating top-link design Floating arc with pins allows for consistent mole draining over undulating land.
  • Optional ceramic expander for longevity in hard ground
  • Manufactured in the UK