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MultiMole Trailed Twin Leg Moledrainer

Multimole Drainer
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The Proforge Multimole twin leg trailed version is the ultimate mole draining machine, for serious contractors and farmers; manufactured in the UK to a high standard and designed to withstand the rigours of heavy arable land and grasslands. All the features of the single trailed design have been developed in this model and more, such as the wide wheel base design of the wheels which increases stability and can be used as a wheel press for loose soils and a central leg bracket to turn the machine into a single trailed version.


  • Large 26” (660mm) diameter notched disc A unique and amazing part of the moledrainer. Seriously reduces surface heave, and minimises top surface damage. Also benefits from adjustable depth control.
  • Exposed leg Completely exposed leg for the best trash clearance. Allows the trash to flow round the leg/ under the beam reducing undue lift and tilt to the main beam. Ideal for maximum depth start when dropped into dyke banks
  • Pitch adjuster This assists penetration in some conditions and allows for compensation to be made to ensure even wear on the bullet and expander.
  • Depth adjustable 60” (1520mm) leg Adjustment in 1” (25mm) increments allows for precise depth control. Reversible for longevity.
  • Under-beam replaceable wear skid
  • Adjustable height draw bar eye Flexi-eye for greater flotation in work.
  • Wide wheel base The wide position of the wheels increases stability whilst being directly in front of the beams so that with a touch of weight transferred any loose soil created by the Tractor tyres/tracks is compacted again ahead of the beam skid.
  • Central leg bracket The added feature of the central leg bracket enables the user to convert a twin leg into a single for smaller tractors.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Optional ceramic expander for longevity in hard ground