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ROLLA +™ Heavy Duty 5 Section Rolls

Proforge ROLLA+
MN100102_8MN100102_10MN100102_9MN100102_7ROLLA +™ Heavy Duty 5 Section RollsMN100102_5MN100102_4ROLLA +™ Heavy Duty 5 Section Rolls


The Rolla+ 5 section is a heavy duty set of rolls giving a high quality UK built range of hydraulic folding rolls designed for long life with minimum maintenance.


  • Available in 9.3m, 10.3m & 12.3m widths all with a transport width of 3.0m
  • Combinations of 20″& 24″ Plain & Breaker rings
  • Fully hydraulic horizontal folding and unfolding
  • 60mm high tensile axles with high quality grease-able triple seal bearings
  • 4 spoke rings for strength and weight
  • Centre support bearing on all shafts on 12m models
  • Centre pivoting wings to follow contours of the ground
  • 18 ply tyres
  • Machine Weights range from 4800 to 10,000kg