The Proforge RollaMax is an advanced set of 5 section hydraulic folding rolls giving you maximum weight and width in work. Ideal for field levelling, improved seed contact with soil for uniform germination, moisture retention and reduced soil erosion. Also can be used for post-harvest tillage work to improve material decomposition.


  • 5 section
  • Available in 8.4 mtr and 12 mtr widths
  • 8.4 mtr available with levelling boards
  • 530mm ductile rings with breakers
  • Fully hydraulic horizontal folding and unfolding
  • Air brakes as standard
  • Flotation tyres 400/60-15.5 14PR
  • Lighting kit as standard
  • Wheel chocks, support stand and reflectors
  • Optional 450mm /500mm Cambridge rings and breakers